Welcome to my portfolio, a visual journey showcasing cherished works that reflect my artistic exploration. Delve into a selection of my beloved pieces, offering depth and breadth to my creativity. Please note, these showcased artworks represent a fraction of my endeavors. With ceramics as an expansive realm of inspiration, countless treasures await discovery. For a closer look or to explore more, reach out—I'm eager to provide additional pictures and share creation stories. Witness the evolution of my craftsmanship, infused with passion and dedication, as delicate vessels and captivating sculptures capture moments of inspiration and personal growth. Let my portfolio ignite imagination and offer a glimpse into the wonder of ceramics. Whether an art enthusiast, fellow artist, or admirer of handcrafted beauty, join me in celebrating the limitless creativity found within this visual tapestry.


Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Gent, Gent (2014-2018)

• MA Ceramics, with distinction (2017-2018) Masterthesis: Monumentality in the art

• BA Ceramics and Glass (2014-2017)

Bachelor thesis: Investigation of the Nuka glaze

Erasmus, HDK Gothenborg, Zweden (2016)


  • Wimbledon Art Fair, Wimbledon (May 2024)
  • Collab Sayeh & Galton Flowers, Hampstead (March 2024)
  • Studio Wimbledon, Wimbledon (January 2024)
  • Belgian Art & Design fair, Gent (October 2023)
  • Collab Mu.ZEE, Oostende ( June 2023-June 2024)
  • Design fair: NATIONA(A)L ARTIST MARKET, Brussel Maison de la poste (November 2022)
  • Collab Amy Izat Gallery 27 Art House, Berwick-upon-tweed (June 2022, 2023)
  • Galerie weekend Brugge ( September 2021)
  • Lille 3000 tentoonstelling "Young Colors", curators: Siegrid Demyttenaere and Caroline David, Lille L'institut pour la photographie (May 2021)
  • Collab Odile Jacobs pop up shop, Knokke (April 2021)
  • Collab Lost In The World (June 2020)
  • Interview BLVRD (June 2020)
  • Start shop, Genthof 29, and open studio "ELVIRA" (May 2020)
  • Assistent for artist Robin Vermeersch, EKWC Oisterwijk (April 2019)
  • Residence Taoxichuan, Jingdezhen, China (October 2018)


All sculptural vases are designed to find the balance between functional and sculptural. This comes from my fascination for the relationship between art and craft.

My sculptural works all measure from 20cm up to 1m, for specific measurements you can always contact me.


 As the daughter of artists, my love for pottery runs deep. Growing up surrounded by my mother's ceramics studio and my father's sculpture studio, I witnessed firsthand the dedication and artistry required to create a personal collection. Each piece I make is a labor of love, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Discover my fine pottery that will add warmth and elegance to your family gatherings.